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Will You Be an Early Adopter Next Gen?

I’m sure we’ve all caught it before at some point or maybe we know of someone that suffers from it. The desire to be one of the first people in the world to get their hands on the latest, newest pieces of technology. Whether it be a cell phone or a gaming system, there’s nothing more satisfying then spending hours in the rain, sleet, hail or snow just to brag to your friends and family how you’ve got what they don’t.  $400? $500? $700?? No price is too high for those who suffer from what I like to call, Early Adopter Syndrome. 


So what’s the cure for EAS? There is none. Experts say it’s best to just stay out of the way of those inflicted by the ailment as it can be contagious in some cases. On the bright side, if it weren’t for EAS the media and bloggers wouldn’t have anything to analyze regarding the day 1 sales of the most hyped new gadgets and games.

 When Sony’s next gaming system hits the streets one can expect it to be a high end piece of technology with a high price tag to match. Which brings me to this question;

Will you be an early adopter Next Gen?