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Spoiler Alert .. Spoiler Alert

We now have a way to spoiler tag posts and comments. Below are the various ways of using it. Just remove the space after the bracket [ when you really use it. I had to put a space in this post to make it display the code.

[ spoiler] Super Secret Ninja Stuff [/spoiler]

[spoiler] Super Secret Ninja Stuff [/spoiler]

[ spoiler intro="Spoiler Alert" title="Secret Ninja Stuff"] Ninja Chop![/spoiler]

[spoiler intro="Spoiler Alert" title="Secret Ninja Stuff"] Ninja Chop![/spoiler]

[ spoilergroup]
[ spoiler intro="Answers" title="Question 1"]in post 1[/spoiler]
[ spoiler intro="Answers" title="Question 2"]in post 2[/spoiler]
[ spoiler intro="Answers" title="Question 3"]e=mc^2[/spoiler]

[spoiler intro="Question" title="What is the countdown in the sidebar for?"]It's a secret.[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro="Question" title="What will be revealed on March 1st?"]Only Tosh knows[/spoiler]
[spoiler intro="Question" title="Will Tosh stop teasing us?"]Probably not.[/spoiler]

The “intro” and “title” are completely optional. The minimum is just the [ spoiler] Spoiler Text [/spoiler] – But without the space. You can put media in the spoiler tags too. But only use this when really needed.

This also works in the forum, but doesn’t look as pretty. Plus you need to select the “HTML (Quicktags)” as your Preferred Editor on your forum profile. It’s under Personal Options. After that, just highlight the text your want to hide. And press the “spoiler” button.

For mobile users this doesn’t work in the mobile friendly theme (at least not yet), for now switch to the regular view and it will work.

Every comment on this post better have a spoiler in it 😉

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