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The Weekly Recap (February 7th-13th)

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This week was a bit different! Darrin put up what was, essentially, an opinion piece and didn’t get the most comments? I almost had it, too, with the winning article trailing by four comments 2 hours ago haha. Anyway, Oly started posting news, so watch out. He already submitted, what, 3 articles this week?

Anyway, the week’s theme seemed to be mostly about opinions, with my article having the most debate, at least :P. Besides Darrin and I, we also have opinion pieces by Eddie and fleakitten. There was also news posted on DLC (as usual, so nothing different there), including Uncharted 2’s upcoming release.

I also wrote an extensive review for Hustle Kings, so if you haven’t done so, be sure to check that out, be sure to do so! And speaking of reviews, Trev is currently playing Heavy Rain and will have a review up, according to him, “around the euro release date.”

In gaming news in general, if you haven’t done so already, the AVP demo has been re-released, and it fixes numerous network issues it faced when the title first came out. It’s definitely more fun now! The review embargo on Heavy Rain also lifted this week, with overwhelmingly positive review scores (Metacritic has it at 89 out of a possible 100, with 38 reviews).

Also, you better hurry if you haven’t done so now, but flOw is free for today only (Saturday, February 13th). Time is running out!

Now for the community stuff :D.

[tab:Community News]

OK, recently, Royalty32 had posted a spoiler in a couple articles, so I requested something that we could use if we’re going to mention a spoiler, and, thanks to Tosh, we now have a way to do so. I love it how Tosh is always on top of everything! In order to get used to the tags, though, be sure to read about it in the link.

Tosh is also going to start giving away 200 points to the person he uses a poll idea from. In order to submit poll ideas, you must reply to this topic. If you have a good poll idea, you can use the winning points on contests, like the one that is currently running for a free copy of Heavy Rain! The contest ends on the 21st, though, so you have about a week and a day left to enter!

Now, for this week’s recognitions, we have 23 main submissions and 6 QuickNews submissions.

Contributor of the Week

  • JimmyMagnum – 8 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • fleakitten – 3 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

Sony Takes Heavy Rain To The Streets
fleakitten – February 7th

BioShock 2: Q&A Part 2
Luke – February 8th

Competitive Shooter Rundown (MW2, BF:BC2, KZ2, MAG)
Darrin – February 8th

Little Big Planet DLC for this Week
oly1kenobi – February 8th

This Generation Paving the Way for PS4?
JimmyMagnum – February 9th

PixelJunk Shooter 2 Confirmed.
Eddie – February 9th

GT5 Online Racing Preview
Trev – February 9th

Wii Games to HD Consoles…Good or Bad?
Eddie – February 9th

FIFA 11 To Stop Online Quitters
Trev – February 10th

Red Dead Redemption Pre-Order Bonuses
JimmyMagnum – February 10th

Heavy Rain IGN Review // Review Embargo Lifted
JimmyMagnum – February 10th

Will You Be an Early Adopter Next Gen?
fleakitten – February 11th

Batman Arkham Asylum 2: Villians
oly1kenobi – February 11th

GOW3: New Trailer Tonight on Spike
oly1kenobi – February 11th

January 2010 Sales
Darrin – February 11th

Flower £2.39 In Europe For One Week
Trev – February 11th

Heavy Rain Hits #1 Spot on Amazon Best Sellers List
JimmyMagnum – February 11th

RakNet and PSN: PlayStation Network’s Possible Secret Weapon?
JimmyMagnum – February 11th

God Of War III Vengeance Trailer
Trev – February 12th

Updated Aliens vs Predator Demo Available for the PS3
Tosh – February 12th

Track Detail in GT5 Vastly Improved Over GT: Prologue
JimmyMagnum – February 12th

Uncharted 2 DLC Details (Includes New Trophies)
JimmyMagnum – February 12th

Hustle Kings: The Review
JimmyMagnum – February 13th

fleakitten – February 7th

Demon’s Soul’s Valentine Day Event
fleakitten – February 8th

MLB 10: The Show trailer on GT-TV tonight
oly1kenobi – February 11th

World Exclusive PlayStation 3 Announcement Incoming.
fleakitten – February 12th

Amazon Deal: Preorder Battlefield Bad Company 2, Get $20 Credit
JimmyMagnum – February 12th

Get flOw for FREE – Today Only
Tosh – February 13th
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Well, that does it for this week. The next few weeks should be great, though, and hopefully, soon, we’ll be able to beat our old record of 40-something news articles haha. Apparently, GamesRadar also has some big news planned for Monday morning, so be sure to keep an eye out for that. Apparently, it’s specific to the PS3, too.

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