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Uncharted 2 Title Update 1.05 Now Live

The other day, I informed you of the Uncharted 2 DLC details. Well, today, the title got the 1.05 update, and the update includes the new medals as listed in that story (so be sure to read the medals here). The update includes quite a few additions and fixes, including balancing out the weapons, penalizing game deserters has been adjusted, etc. Here’s the complete list of updates:

  • Weapon damage and attributes have been rebalanced
  • On-screen display of medals awarded during a match has been updated
  • Implemented detection and removal of flagrantly idle players from the active matchmaking player pool
  • Cash penalty for leaving matches has been adjusted and is now tiered by player level as follows:
    • Levels 1 – 20 = -10,000
    • Levels 21 – 40 = -20,000
    • Levels 41 – 60 = -40,000
  • Updated player networking protocols to remove all occurrences of “error syncing player data,” Level resets and Ranked playlist Skill Level resets
  • Added crawling ticker display of leaderboard statistics to the multiplayer menu screen
  • Updated multiplayer menu screen to include a “Trophy” selection to enable players to display and track progress on the new Trophies included in the Drake’s Fortune Multiplayer Pack
  • Collision and geometry updates to various multiplayer maps
  • 13 new medals have been added