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Aliens vs Predator Demo Impressions

I know I’m late at getting this up, but I didn’t get a chance to really play the demo enough until yesterday. First off the predator only has 4 weapons?! Maybe he’ll have more in the full game, but I somehow doubt it. There are only 4 slots for weapons in the demo for the predator, marine too.

The Predator has 10 weapons in the old AVP 2 Primal Hunt version of the game. The video below shows off 8 of them. The 2 not showed in the video are the Energy Flechette & Self-Destruct. Which is as awesome as it sounds! Your health has to be at or below 10% in order to use it. Once you choose to Self-Destruct you start to do the classic Predator laugh and about 4 seconds later you explode. The blast from this is huge. If you don’t find something to hide behind your toast. Works best in open levels.

I was a melee Predator in AVP 2. I usually used the combstick and the netgun for the most part. But I liked the speargun too. Which is the predator’s version of a sniper rifle. You can pin heads to walls with it, and collect the heads afterward. The predator had a lot of varied weapons to pick from. Why no head collecting in multiplayer btw??

Some fun things from AVP 2 was that you could morph into a Alien Queen after so many kills. I want to say 10, but I’m not sure. It’s very tuff to stop a queen too. Plus you can play as a facehugger, if the host enables it. Then the marines can actually get into a exo-suit, if enabled. Makes it a very interesting match.

Anyway I can go on and on about all the good times from the AVP 2 PC days. Here are the things I liked and disliked about the new AVP Demo.

  • Graphics look pretty good
  • I like the predator plasma cannon, lock on animation is great
  • Stealth Kills: Fun addition, but can get annoying. I was in a 4 way stealth kill train once. I stealth killed a alien, alien got the alien that killed me, alien got the alien, etc.
  • You can only throw the Predator’s Combistick? Lame.
  • To regain the Predator’s health/energy. You are forced to use energy panels scattered across the level. I can see this turning into prime camping spots. In AVP you can regain your health/energy wherever you wanted. You where still vulnerable while doing this, but at least you can hide somewhat.
  • Playing as an alien is pretty fun. I don’t like how you have to “lock on” before you can pounce on somebody. AVP 2 you can do that whenever, but it was never locked on, so it took more skill.
  • The marine motion tracking is a great tool and always keeps you paranoid of everything around you.
  • The taunts didn’t always work for me. How can I scare my enemies without my predator clicking or growling?

The more I played the demo the more I wanted to pull out my old copy of AVP 2. Overall I think they are dumbing this game down to much. This is coming from a hardcore fan of the old AVP 2 PC game, so take that as you will. I’m sure the single player will be great fun, but I’m not so sure about the multiplayer right now ..

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