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Michael Atkinson “Gamers scarier than bikers”

South Austrailian Attorney-General Michael Atkinson feels the need to live in the shadow of the former tyrannical and grossly incorrect Jack Thompson.

While I hold no ill will towards the classifications of “mature” ratings for games, the association of myself with criminal minds is absurd in every sense of the meaning. I myself, am as timid as a church mouse and would never cause physical harm to someone in a criminal way yet I can play the most violent of games without pause.

Australia’s general policy for outlawing mature video games is appalling to everyone as human beings.

Video games have no bearing on my personality, my feelings, my thoughts. I could never be coerced or confused into criminal activity by video games.

The only time that I would find myself to be flooded with negative thoughts fueled by an ouside source, is if I was forced to live in the rice cake flavored world, desensitized to be these politicians lap dogs.