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Toy Story 3 Game Promises More


Disney Interactive’s video game adaptation of Toy Story 3 is being developed by Avalanche Software for a June 15, 2010 release. The game will follow the plot of the upcoming Disney/Pixar film, but is also said to be an open-world game. There is a special game mode called “Toy Box,” that is said to bring a unlimited amount of game-play to the game.

“Toy Box mode brings cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs, and little green aliens together to create adventures only possible in a child’s imagination. Kids, families and fans will dive into Andy’s toy box with creativity driving their own stories and adventures. Toy Story 3: The Video Game addresses a fact understood by every kid: imagination is what truly brings toys to life. That’s really what a toy box is about. We remember that kind of play from our own childhood, and it’s where we began as game designers. With this title, we want to encourage and reward creativity in others,” says John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Avalanche Software.

Hopefully this will make for an exciting game that goes way beyond what we have seen from common movie adaptation games.