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Codemasters Creating New FPS

Remember this commercial?

Codemasters has been at work for the past 12 months developing a new FPS (yes, another one), and it will be running on the EGO engine (the same one as DiRT. GRiD, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising). Given that, at least, it will have a cool look to it.

The development of the game will be headed by Creative Director Stuart Black, who did work on Criterion Games’ Black back in 2006 (which was one of last generation’s last few hyped up games). Though Black only got above-average reviews (around 75-80% overall), it was packed with action and a robust damaging engine (not surprising, since it came from the same folks who did the Burnout series). Hopefully Codemasters will build upon that original concept, since Criterion currently has no public plans for a sequel to Black.

No material had been released for the game yet (like trailers and screenshots), so it remains to be seen whether or not it resembles Black. If the damage engine and all that is improved upon, it should be good fun at least!