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The Weekly Recap (February 14th-20th)

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Sorry for being so late, been one of those weekends haha.

There weren’t any major announcements this week. There were some problems with the AVP Hunter Edition codes, and if they haven’t been fixed, those should start working later this week (by the 25th). Square also got a little heat for releasing a press pack with identical screenshots of FFXIII, with the button prompts of each console edited into them. There had also been a supposed “significant” amount of content cut from Lost Planet 2, supposedly due to disc space (which seems like it’s becoming more and more of a problem, despite what many would think).

There are also a few trailers this week to check out as well, including the debut trailer of Aliens vs Predator. I’m going to be renting that myself. As far as rumors goes, there’s a chance Valve might start developing for the PS3, and the next Call of Duty most likely taking place during the cold war (one theater being Vietnam).

Also, in the forums, there has been some discussion about error code 8003200D, which a lot of users are/have been experiencing this week in the “What’s New?” area of the XMB, and when pressing X on it, that particular error comes up. It only affects that and nothing else (like online play, the Store and Home). After looking into it, it’s not a hardware or software problem, it’s a server side issue, much like the trophy syncing problems many of us had. What caused it? There was a scheduled maintenance window earlier last week, and a change may have affected it after the work was done. That’s what seems to be the most logical reason, anyway. Give it time and it will be resolved, but this is all on Sony’s side of things, not the users, so no need to freak out or anything!

Anyway, be sure to check out the rest of the recap!

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OK, later tonight, the winner for the Heavy Rain giveaway will be announced. oly1kenobi flooded the damned site with submissions, winning him Contributor of the Week. He must not have a life :P. Tosh also announced a new feature, PS3Blog help videos. These are basically walkthroughs for using the site and some of its features. If you have any planned, be sure to let him know in the forums. You can view current walkthrough videos here.

Not much else beyond that, so here are this week’s recognitions (25 main, 5 Quick).

Contributor of the Week

  • oly1kenobi – 8 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • fleakitten – 2 Entries

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  • Eddie – Final Fantasy Versus XIII Unlikely for E319 Comments

[tab:Gaming News]

Uncharted 2 Title Update 1.05 Now Live
JimmyMagnum – February 15th

MLB 10 The Show Trailer
oly1kenobi – February 15th

God Of War III: Be The Last Titan Standing Casting Call
oly1kenobi – February 15th

Michael Atkinson “Gamers scarier than bikers”
Eddie – February 16th

Darksiders Demo Coming Soon
oly1kenobi – February 16th

Toy Story 3 Game Promises More
oly1kenobi – February 16th

Aliens vs Predator Demo Impressions
Tosh – February 16th

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Unlikely for E3
Eddie – February 17th

Square Enix Playing with Photoshop?
fleakitten – February 17th

Funny White Knight Chronicles Ads
fleakitten – February 17th

Blue Toad Murder Files coming to PSN 3/25/10
oly1kenobi – February 17th

50% Games on the PSN (Marvel vs Capcom 2 tommorow!)
oly1kenobi – February 17th

The Faces Behind The Faces of Heavy Rain
Trev – February 18th

AVP Pre-order and Hunter Edition Codes are Not Working
oly1kenobi – February 18th

Assassins Creed 2 DLC: Bonfire of the Vanities is Available Today!
oly1kenobi – February 18th

Uncharted 2 Earns 10 Awards at AIAS Including Game of the Year
Eddie – February 19th

Blade Kitten: Part Cat, Part Girl – and Fully Lethal
fleakitten – February 19th

Call Of Duty Cold War
Trev – February 19th

A “Significant Amount” of Content Cut From Lost Planet 2
fleakitten – February 19th

Aliens vs. Predator – Launch trailer
Tosh – February 19th

ESRB’s God of War 3 Description
JimmyMagnum – February 19th

Valve Reconsidering PlayStation 3 Development?
JimmyMagnum – February 19th

Again with the Sony Patents!
JimmyMagnum – February 19th

Codemasters Creating New FPS
JimmyMagnum – Februar 19th

Upcoming PS3 Releases
Darrin – February 20th

Burnout Paradise DLC Price Cut
Tosh – February 17th

Yakuza 3 Demo on PSN Today
JimmyMagnum – February 18th

360 Fanboy: Heavy Rain is the Reason to Buy a PS3
fleakitten – February 18th

Star Wars The Force Unleashed: Hoth Mission Pack on PSN today
oly1kenobi – February 18th

Charted 3.5 Million
fleakitten – February 20th
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Sweetness. This week will be the release of one major title in Heavy Rain, so be sure to pick that up if you hadn’t won it! With more members coming aboard to help with submitting news, things should really start picking up, including activity (the forums are definitely a lot busier than even 2 weeks ago, which is great!). Not sure what the next contest will be, but it will be cool nonetheless.