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Don’t Redeem That Heavy Rain Voucher Code Just Yet

Heavy Rain is out and UK owners might have got their hands on the special edition, which includes download code to obtain; Chronicles episode 1, the additional playable scene; a Dynamic XMB Theme; and the Official Heavy Rain Soundtrack. The problem is a technical hiccup means you will be unable to download the soundtrack. If you can hold off redeeming the code until after the 4th of March you should be all fine but if you redeem it before you won’t get the soundtrack.

The good news for online buyers is that HMV will email a new code;

If you pre-ordered the Special Edition online, via the HMV website, then you’ll be receiving an email from them with a new voucher code that will allow you to download the soundtrack when it is available next Thursday.

But for the rest of you who didn’t?

If you have already redeemed your voucher code and have not received the Official Soundtrack, please contact your local customer service teams who will be able to help you.

Definitely looks like a good idea to hold off or be sent on the customer service merry-go-round…

[Update – HMV have already started emailing the codes to use after March 4th.]

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