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Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares Review

A year after Resident Evil 5’s release, we have the first DLC that isn’t multi player but has it been worth the wait? The short answer is yes but the long answer also includes the fact that it is a bit short. At least then they added some extra characters for the Mercenaries mode and 5 trophies.

Lost In Nightmares is essentially the back story that was shown in cut scenes during RE5 with Chris and Jill investigating a mansion which is eerily similar to the mansion in the original Resident Evil. Its great fan service as the two talk about the manor being similar as you both investigate the building. With less ammunition supplies and enemies there is a constant sense of anticipation and terror as you’re never sure what lies ahead around the corner. Capcom were feeling especially mean in one section with window where you can hear dogs outside…

The DLC is pretty short clocking in at less than 30mins but in truth it probably feels a lot shorter than it is due to every second being so enjoyable. At first it’s all about exploration, reading diaries and finding your way past locked doors but as you progress in typical fashion the scares start as you struggle to fight off big axe wielding mutations. Whilst the start of the DLC feels very old fashioned Resident Evil (in a good way) it’s the last segment that really taps into the potential of having co-op play that RE5 never quite managed to get right.

It all ends familiarly with the Wesker fight that unfolds in exactly the same manner as the encounters in RE5 but this is a very enjoyable chapter and even though it is short it’s still well worth the price of £3.99 ($5.00). I look forward to seeing what Desperate Escape will entail. With the recent disappointing releases for Assassin’s Creed II, the hit and miss Fallout 3 DLC and Capcom being guilty of charging to unlock material already supplied on the disc it’s nice to finally see some worthwhile DLC on the Playstation Store. If Capcom is taking Resident Evil in a new direction after 5 then this DLC definitely bodes well, I hope they can carry on in the right direction.

*Played to its conclusion once in split screen and also partook in a few rounds of Mercenaries.

This review is based on a retail copy of the PS3 version of Resident Evil 5 provided by Capcom.