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The Current State of the PS3 In Stores

As many of you know, I got the dreaded blinking red light of death on my launch 60 gig PS3 last week. With FFXIII coming out in a week and a half, sending it out for repair/refurb really wasn’t an option so I decided that I was going to purchase a new PS3 Slim.

Little did I know that PS3’s don’t exist. On Best Buy’s website, you can check the stores inventory online by using the “check stores” option. THREE states, out of the entire USA actually has a Best Buy with a PS3 in stock. Those 3 states are Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and yes I did a search on all 50 states.

Gamestop is actually taking reservations for PS3’s as we speak for $25 down. No Gamestop on the East Coast has a PS3 in stock other then used ones.

I got the very last PS3 from the Pennsylvania store. It was a 45 minute drive to get to the store so I consider myself super lucky to be able to obtain that.

Sony warned us that this was coming. That the PS3 will be harder and harder to find.

What could be causing these shortages?