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New Community Features

Ok, as promised here is another surprise. Some new features for the site. First up is we have a Community Calendar. Anyone that has access to post news can add to the calendar. Before you add anything to the calendar, make sure it hasn’t been added already & put it under the appropriate category. You can access the calendar under the community drop menu. To add to the calendar you have to access the back end and it will show up on the left sidebar.

Second is a community feature. Here are the main features of it:

  • Public profile with your own activity feed
  • You can view activity feeds for your friends, groups, your favorite post or just your own activity.
  • You can add people as friend
  • You can create groups. They can be public, private, or hidden
  • Private Messaging Feature
  • Upload your own avatar. But I highly recommend that you get a gravatar instead. Because that will upload all over the site.
  • Link to a members profile when they comment on a blog post
  • Global Activity Feed – Please do NOT comment on blog posts and comments on blog posts on this global activity feed. Because you will not get points for it and it’s splits the comment activity. Just keep all the comments on the blog post itself. Just click on View to go to the blog post.

Some of the filter options are not working, so be patient until I can get that resolved. You can set when you get a e-mail notifications by going to My Account > Settings > Notifications

No groups have been created just yet, so explore and have fun. Groups don’t have to be gaming related either. I’ll be turning on these features in the next few minutes.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!