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Be Sure to Check Out the Calendar!

One of the new features Tosh put up yesterday, in celebration of the site’s 5 year anniversary, was a community calendar of events. I took the liberty to add to it other press events/conferences throughout the year (Tosh already had PAX on there). As far as what’s coming up and when these events take place, here’s a list (all for 2010):

  • Game Developers Conference – March 9th-13th
  • Penny Arcade Expo East – March 26th-28th*
  • MI6 Game Marketing Conference – April 1st**
  • Electronic Entertainment Expo – June 15th-16th
  • GamesCom Germany – August 18th-22nd
  • Tokyo Game Show – September 16th-19th
  • Eurogamer Expo – October 1st-3rd†

All these dates have been confirmed either by well-sourced media outlets or from the conference home pages themsevles, so they’re accurate, unless something comes up that will cause the dates to change. Let me know if there are any other conferences I’m forgetting for this year so I can add it!

If you’re wondering how to access the calendar without these links, mouse over the Community tab up top and the link is in the drop down that appears.

* member will be attending
**Confirmed Sony Keynote
† member attending, unconfirmed