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God of War III Game Director on the Sex Scene

According to a post on UGO, God of War III (GOW3) director Stig Asmussen initially wanted to leave the sex scene out of the game. Every GOW game to date has included a sex mini-game, sometimes hidden, and always optional. But for this 3rd game, Asmussen told UGO, “‘I’d rather not have it in there at all. …What is the point? If we do it, it has to have a point.” He also said that after some “debate” on the subject he decided to include it in GOW3, as long as it had a purpose. “We make it more than it’s been in the past, but we also give it more of a purpose,” he said. “It’s not just you going in there, finding some corner and having sex with somebody. It’s something that guides you through the story. You get information and more than just a fluff moment.” From what I remember reading elsewhere: [spoiler intro=”Spoiler Alert” title=”Sex Mini Game Info”] The sex scene will involve having sex with a goddess while her two topless maidens watch from a distance.[/spoiler]

Asmussen also made sure to point out that, “We always try to do (the sex) in a way where the woman had a choice, and we wouldn’t want to do something like a rape scene or anything like that. I get what you’re saying, but violence against women is something we definitely avoided.”

I am glad that the scenes are optional, so younger kids, as well as those that find it questionable or offensive, can play the game without having to be subjected to it. The game, in case you have been off the planet for a while, is being released on March 16th.

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