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Aliens vs Predator Invades PS Home in Europe!!

Predator Home

Sega has announced that starting tomorrow, March 4th, 2010 until March 31st, 2010, outfits from Aliens vs Predator will be available to buy in the European PlayStation Home. The costumes will include a male and female version of each species. This includes human marines, predators, and aliens. The costumes will be offered as complete costumes for €2.99, or €1.99 for the legs and tops, and €0.99 for a helmet or mask. The costumes will be available in the Home Thread Store.
Here are pictures of what they look like.


With the exception of the marines, I couldn’t tell the difference between the male or female aliens or predators. These are amazing costumes, and even though I am rarely in Home, I will be buying these. Well, as long as the US Home gets them, which I am sure we will eventually. I don’t believe they can be purchased on a EU account and worn in US home, however if anyone knows different, please let us know. I have an email to SEGA about the US Home, and will let you know anything as soon as I do.