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Final Fantasy XIII Shines on PS3

Since the PS3 first launched, some 3rd party devs couldn’t find the time to polish the PS3 version of their multi-platform games. This is still going on today. Sega’s Bayonetta is a latest example. It wasn’t a total mess on PS3 but it was the obvious inferior version when compared  to it’s 360 counterpart. The PS3 version had to ‘improved’ by Sony themselves and not Sega.
We’re just days away from the launch of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII in the US and EU and it’s come to everyone’s attention that the PS3 version is finally the superior version for a change.  This should come as no surprise since the game was developed initially with the PS3 in mind. So, exactly what makes it better you ask?

Final Fantasy XIII on Xbox 360 isn’t high-definition and the videos are heavily compressed causing highly visible blocking and smearing, further reducing detail/clarity.
Full Motion Video: PS3 = 1080p | Xbox 360 = 576p
In-Engine Video: PS3 = 720p | Xbox 360 = 576p
Realtime: PS3 = 720p | Xbox 360 = 576p

Apart from generally reducing clarity, 576p resolution of realtime graphics blown up to 720 or 1080p increases visibility of aliasing (jaggies) despite the extra blurriness over the whole image.

PS3: 1 dual-layer (50GB capacity) Blu-ray Disc
Xbox 360: 3 dual-layer (6.8GB capacity) DVD’s stacked on one spindle

The PS3 version requires no pre-installation, automatically background-caches to the harddisc and rarely shows it’s loading. Without performing an optional install before playing on Xbox 360 (18GB, DVD swaps still needed), transitions from video to realtime graphics have a delay and other loads are lengthier.

As for sound output options:

PS3: LPCM / DTS / Dolby Digital 5.1
Xbox 360: Dolby Digital 5.1 only

Could this be the reason behind Square Enix’s recent FFXIII photoshop fiasco?

In the end of the day, however, both versions of the game should play identical. Noone outside if the internet blog-asphere will probably care for the differances.
It’s just nice to know that a PS3 version of a muli-platform game is the graphically superior one.