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Red Dead Redemption Preorder Costume Decided


Rockstar games held a vote to determine which of three costumes would become available as an exclusive preorder bonus from GameStop. The winner was the Deadly Assassin costume pictured above. The costume will also come with an exclusive feature allowing you to use the Dead Eye move twice as often in combat. Although there will be a code to download the costume, you wont be able to unlock it until you have completed a number of tasks in the game.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to obtain that handy getup.

Win a Duel in Armadillo – Travel to the town of Armadillo, and accept the challenge to fight a duel. Just make sure to win.
Capture or Kill Mo Van Barr – While in Armadillo, find the wanted poster for Mo Van Barr, accept the Bounty Hunting mission and bring this notorious member of the Walton Gang to justice, dead or alive.
Solve the Mystery of the Missing Townsfolk – People have been disappearing for weeks from the outskirts of Armadillo. Track down the clues, solve the mystery and live to tell the tale.
Search Coot’s Chapel – Find the ruins of Coot’s chapel in the wilds of Cholla Springs, and search it for treasure.
Complete the Twin Rocks Hideout – Find the legendary criminal hideout of Twin Rocks, located North of the town of Armadillo, to complete this final challenge.


I really can’t wait to get my hands on this game. May won’t come soon enough!