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The Weekly Recap (February 28th-March 6th)

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One word for this week? Holy crap. Excluding the weeklies and the community posts, we’ve had a total of 63, sixty-three, article submissions (and 7 QuickNews). I’ll have to look, but I think we shattered the record… And I might add, this is my 300th news post since I started submitting articles way back in June of last year :D.

This was about the most eventful week as well. It all started last Sunday (or Monday, depending on where you were at). The system clock in the older PS3 models wound up being faulty after it had tried to recognize Monday as February 29th, 2010 and not March 1st. The calendar didn’t agree and basically caused these PS3s to essentially get it’s own Y2K10 bug. The event came to be known as ApocalyPS3.

Little known fact, though, these PS3 did work in another dimension, where all future releases were available for play, including, but not limited to, GTAV, God of War IV, and Rugby 2K13. This rift in the space time continuum also affected this site, seeing as the popularity of the bug posts prompted a severe load of visitors throughout the day, causing the server, at one point, to deny access and was causing all sorts of problems. Luckily that resolved.

On Monday, the site also celebrated it’s 5 year anniversary (which will have more information on the Community News tab). Including a bunch of contents and features and whatnot. Also making stirs in the news world would have to be the sudden firing of the two executives at Infinity Ward at Activision and the actions that took place henceforth, including legal action, some Call of Duty announcements and the questioning of the future of the franchise and the future of Activision itself.

Other than that? Given the long list of updates, you’re probably better off reading the list in the Gaming News tab, but some of the highlights would include my editorial on DLC and Patches, etc and a review of Sonic Racing by Trev (and yes, I know that’s not the exact title).

Media Molecule has also been bought out by Sony, SOCOM 4 was the GTTV special reveal, and there are still rumors of another big game to be announced next week at GCD (which, in turn, means possibly another news-filled week).

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Alright, I’m sure you heard about the 63 articles. The Community got a huge upgrade this week as well. This is due in part to the mysterious countdown finally ending Monday morning (which was bad timing with the server issues and downed consoles haha). What did it entail? Well, Gary decided to come back and trick us into thinking it was for his return, and I’ll admit, I fell for it. A little later? Tosh shows up with the real news. celebrates it’s 5th anniversary!

Tosh didn’t stop at that, either. Later in the day, he revealed a Giveaway (that is still ongoing until the 17th of this month). Long time members have the chance to win one of two $60-valued games, and newer members have the chance to win a game, and second place receiving a $20 (or equivalent) PSN card. Really cool stuff.

Of course, that wasn’t all it either. Before that, Tosh also added a bunch of new features. These included a more social network amongst users (better private messaging syste, friends lists, groups, public profiles etc.) and a Community Calendar, which I had listed a bunch of updates to here.

Absolutely none of this would be possible if it weren’t for us, the Community, and I’m sure Tosh is greatly appreciative of having loyal members and visitors to the site. It’s definitely grown up a lot since I first made a comment back in April of 2006, and it continues to grow and mature. It’s also awesome to see others interested in posting news as well, including newcomer (to news anyway) Marcus 24. Even though I’m not a staff member, I, too, appreciate people like you taking the time to better the site :D.

Before I get all teary-eyed, here’s the recognitions for the week 😛 :

Contributor of the Week

  • JimmyMagnum – 17 Entries

QuickNews Contributor of the Week

  • ol1kenobi – 4 Entries

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[tab:Gaming News]

Lost Planet 2: Box Art and Exclusive Maps
oly1kenobi – February 28th

Heavy Rain Launch Event
Trev – February 28th

Final Fantasy XIV Closed Beta Set for March
Fleakitten – February 28th

New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 TV ad
Acezakj – February 28th

Playstation Network Down And Deleting Trophies?
Trev – February 28th

PlayStation Network Outage Update
JimmyMagnum – February 28th

Official Update: Latest PSN Downtime Info [Error 8001050F]
Tosh – March 1st

What Are You Going To Do Now?
Trev – March 1st

New God of War III Ad
JimmyMagnum – March 1st

Error 8001050F Resolved!
JimmyMagnum – March 1st

Kevin Butler for MLB 10 The Show
JimmyMagnum – March 1st

PS3 Error 8001050F Now Officially Fixed!!
oly1kenobi – March 1st

GDC 2010: No Keynotes From Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo
Eddie – March 1st

Infinity Ward Employees Fired
Trev – March 2nd

Heavy Rain Takes the Top Spot in the UK
Fleakitten – March 2nd

Sony Acquire Media Molecule
Trev – March 2nd

Greed Corp Impressions
Darrin – March 2nd

God of War III Game Director on the Sex Scene
oly1kenobi – March 2nd

DLC – A Love/Hate Relationship
JimmyMagnum – March 2nd

Surprise Sony Sequel Announced Thursday on GTTV
oly1kenobi – March 2nd

Guitar Hero DLC for March
oly1kenobi – March 2nd

If Seven And Heavy Rain Had A Lovechild…
Trev – March 2nd

New Strategic Plans for the Call of Duty Franchise
oly1kenobi – March 2nd

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Launch Trailer
JimmyMagnum – March 2nd

PS3 Exclusive: Just Cause 2 YouTube Upload Walkthrough
JimmyMagnum – March 2nd

Kojima Is Watching You…
Trev – March 3rd

NCSoft’s Blade & Souls Heading to the PS360 in 2011
Fleakitten – March 3rd

Patchwork Heroes Demo Inbound
Gary – March 3rd

Aliens vs Predator Invades PS Home in Europe!!
oly1kenobi – March 3rd

Ubisoft’s Uplay
Gary – March 3rd

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Officially Announced!
JimmyMagnum – March 3rd

A Man of a Thousand Voices
Fleakitten – March 3rd

Red Dead Redemption has been Delayed
oly1kenobi – March 3rd

GDC 2010: Naughty Dog Wants Your Questions
JimmyMagnum – March 3rd

Even Hitler Got the 8001050F Error!
JimmyMagnum – March 3rd

GTTV says “Surprise Sony Sequel” to be Announced Today!
Eddie – March 4th

Gran Turismo 5, Say Hello To NASCAR
Trev – March 4th

Rumor: Super Secret PS3 Exclusive! GDC?
Darrin – March 4th

Final Fantasy XIII Shines on PS3
Fleakitten – March 4th

Crysis 2 First Screenshots
Trev – March 4th

Fired Infinity Ward Execs go after Activision
Marcus24 – March 4th

SOCOM 4 Revealed as PS3’s Big Surprise Exclusive
oly1kenobi – March 4th

Square Enix Europe announces new Lara Croft game
Marcus24 – March 4th

indie Fund – Founded by Indie Game Developers
JimmyMagnum – March 4th

Heavy Rain DLC Codes Should Work Now
JimmyMagnum – March 4th

God of War 3 Slim PS3
Trev – March 5th

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing Review
Trev – March 5th

GDC 2010: Mafia II Trailer
JimmyMagnum – March 5th

Batman: Arkham Asylum GOTY Edition Will Not Release in North America
Marcus24 – March 5th

Has Call of Duty Reached its Zenith?
Blackstaffer – March 5th

Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings (Live Broadcast with Contest Tonight!!)
oly1kenobi – March 5th

PSN Exclusive Joe Danger This Spring
JimmyMagnum – March 5th

PS3 the Lead Platform for Platinum Games’ Vanquish
Fleakitten – March 5th

BioShock 2’s Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack Available March 11
Marcus24 – March 5th

SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy Seals GTTV Teaser Trailer
oly1kenobi – March 5th

Red Dead Redemption Preorder Costume Decided
oly1kenobi – March 5th

GDC 2010: G4 to Stream Sony’s Press Conference
JimmyMagnum – March 5th

New Modnation Trailer
Eddie – March 6th

GT5 Trailer on God of War III Leaked
JimmyMagnum – March 6th

New Images/Artwork of Medal of Honor Released
JimmyMagnum – March 6th

Playstation 2 is officially 10 years old
Fleakitten – March 6th

echoshift Impressions
Darrin – March 6th

Rock Band DLC for 3/11/10 to Include the White Stripes
oly1kenobi – March 6th

Sonic the Headgehog 4 ESRB Information
JimmyMagnum – March 1st

What’s Next After GOWIII?
JimmyMagnum – March 1st

A Glitch in Heavy Rain Allows Playing as Nude Madison
oly1kenobi – March 2nd

Red Dead Redemption Delayed
JimmyMagnum – March 3rd

Killzone 3 in 3D and will use the Motion Wand
oly1kenobi – March 4th

The First 10 mins from GOW3 on Youtube
oly1kenobi – March 4th

Just Cause 2 Demo Available on the PS Store Today
oly1kenobi – March 4th
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Next week is GDC. It will run from the 9th through the 13th. The Indie Games Festival will also be taking place in the GDC’s venure, and tons of news announcements, demos, product displays, and panels will be taking place. G4TV will have a stream of the Sony press conference that takes place Wednesday night as well, so be sure to check that out.

It will most definitely be a busy week. It’s times like this you should be more appreciative of the Weekly Recap 😆 Thanks for reading and celebrate my 24th birthday this coming Monday for me :P.

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