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March Madness! God of War III vs Final Fantasy XIII


Who could have predicted that two of the biggest games of 2010 would release literally days apart? God of War III and Final Fantasy XIII are both highly anticipated games but which will make or break the month of March?

Final Fantasy XIII will release a week ahead of God of War in North American markets on both the PS3 and 360. Square Enix’s flagship title is 4 years in the making and is receiving mixed reviews from around the net. From Edge’s, and Team Xbox’s 5/10 to OPM & OXM’s 9/10.  Will it’s muli-paltform release give it the edge over God of War?

While few reviews have surfaced for GOW III, due to embargo, that will change soon. Unlike Final Fantasy, the God of War sereis made it’s debut on the PS2 but quickly developed a devoted following. GOW III is shaping up to be the best looking game for the PS3 with crazy action. FFXIII will average about 30+ hours of gameplay without taking part in the available side missions. GOW III will offer a third of that.

I’m going out on the limb and offer my predictions that FFXIII will be the top selling game to hit the PS3 in March.