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L.A. Noire Might Become Exclusive for the PS3 Again

Rockstar and developer Team Bondi’s game, L.A. Noire, was originally mentioned to be a PS3 exclusive due to DVD size restraints for the XBOX 360. Later it was announced that the game would be released for both systems.

Since then, Team Bondi has been running into supposed trouble finding ways to make it work. The problem may be in part to the new form of motion capturing they are using for the game. According to Go Fanboy, Rockstar’s Jeronimo Barrera has been sent to Team Bondi, in an attempt to help them find ways to make it work for the XBOX 360.  If they are unsuccessful, the title may again become a PS3 exclusive. However, after all the time and money being put into this game, a multi platform release is probably an extremely high priority. With all of the ways to release content these days, I’m sure there will be a solution. Some possibilities would be multiple DVDs like they just did with Final Fantasy, a HDD install, or even down-loadable content.

This detective, mystery game is said to “be a free-roaming affair”, taking place in 1947 Los Angeles. Everything from the clothes to the city’s layout is supposed to be historically accurate. There are even many side quests that are base on actual cases taken from newspaper articles from 1947. It looks very promising.

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