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PlayStation Move vs. Wiimote?

UPDATED: Added full 3D position info.


  • Full 3D Position: Both the Wiimote and PS move detect gestures including both linear and rotational acceleration and orientation, but the PS Move has full 3D position tracking which the Wii does not. The Wiimote and sensor bar detects rough 2D position (and it can detect full 3D acceleration), but AFAIK, only the PS Move can detect full absolute 3D position.
  • Precision: The PS Move supposedly has much more positional precision and accuracy than the Wiimote.
  • Colored ball: I still don’t understand why this doesn’t rely on non-visible light, such as infrared for tracking purposes. Feedback effects, such as a muzzle flash, sound really nice.
  • No Wire: The PlayStation Move off-hand controller does not have a wired connection to the motion wand like the Wii nunchuk does.
  • Built-in rechargeable batteries: Versus, AA batteries on the Wiimote. IMO, this is a very nice improvement.

I’m surprised that the main design of the Move is absolutely identical to the Wiimote and Nunchuk. This is clearly improved with the enhancements listed above, but it’s still the same core design.

Now, the real challenge is not the hardware, but the software, and what kind of experiences can developers deliver with this technology. So far, the Wii has sold a ton, but the games really haven’t done much with the control scheme beyond mini-games and on-rail-shooters.

The real strong point of the PS3 has been the quality of the dev teams that make games for it. I’m very eager (and a little skeptical) to see what the Sony family of talent can do with this.