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PS3 Motion Controller Q&A

The technology for the PlayStation Motion Controller (Arc) is really amazing. But as we know, that’s nothing without fun games to back it up. Hopefully they have a good catalog of games when it’s released. Here is the link for a interview Gamespot had with Rick Marks. Highlights are:

There’s really no limit with the types of game that the Motion Controller can enhance. Nothing currently on the market delivers an innovative experience that’s intuitive for casual gamers and engaging for hardcore fans, and that’s the opportunity the PS3 Motion Controller will fulfill.

Software development for the Motion Controller is well under way, and our development and publishing partners are excited about the opportunities to deliver new gameplay experiences to PS3 owners.

The Motion Controller’s high-precision embedded sensors detect the sensitive movements and rotation of the hands, and the PlayStation Eye tracks the glowing sphere on the controller to precisely detect the position in real-life 3D space. The colors of the sphere can be changed by the game programmers to provide visual feedback that reflects changes in gameplay, or to differentiate between players.

You can expect to hear more details soon, as we have a few key industry events coming up with GDC this week and E3 around the corner. In between those shows, we’re also going to bring the Motion Controller on the road.