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Be sure to update your profile

For those of you that haven’t chosen an Avatar for your profile the best way to go about it to get a Gravatar. That way it updates in the community, your comments, and the forum all at once. See below on how to create a Gravatar, it’s free and only takes a couple minutes. Just use the same email you use on this site. Double check to make sure your email is all lowercase.

You can of course upload an Avatar, but that will only show in the community and not update in the comments and forum.

Another plus of updating your public profile is “click to search”.

For example, you update the “Games I’m Playing” field in your profile. Then you want to find out who else plays say Uncharted 2, you go to your public profile and click on Uncharted 2. That will search the whole community for that term and display a list a members that match your search.

But be sure to put a comma after each game, and put the full game title.

Another example. If you want to find other people in your area or country. Type in the full spelling instead of the abbreviated version. It will result in a more accurate search. Below are all the options you have to update your profile. If you want me to add any more, please let me know.

General Info

Display Name
Short Biography
Time Zone
Wii Friend Code
XBL Gamertag
Games I’m Playing

Instant Messaging

Yahoo IM, AIM, MSN, Jabber / Google Talk, Skype, ICQ

Social Networking

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace