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Recap: God of War 3 Midnight Launch

Kratos Killing Employee

Ok, a quick recap because a couple fun things happened. When they let us in at 10 pm, there was a employee with a Kratos mask on. So I asked him to murder his fellow employee. I was disappointed in his attempt to kill him.

After I got my ticket I went home for a while, posted on a Live Blog for a bit. While at home I notice this comment on the Live Blog:

That’s the store I was at. Are they doing anything there?
-Kory West

He recognized the other guy in the photo above, lol. I came back to Gamestop around 11:30 pm. Luckily the doors where open so I could wait inside at least. Then this guy in the red coat recognized me from my avatar and we chatted for a bit.

A little before midnight they did a drawing for the Kratos mask and a huge God of War 3 poster that was in there window last month. I didn’t win 🙁 Right at midnight the place was packed wall to wall with people. I should had snapped a quick photo when I left. But I wanted to play God of War 3 asap!

My ticket was #1 so I was the first out of there. Played it for about an hour then went to bed. First impressions … this game is epic and totally worthy of the hype it’s receiving. It was so hard to put it down. I had to play it with headphones on last night. So I kind of want to replay the first part again with my surround sound on.

How was your midnight launch?