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Is it time for the PSPGo to Go?


Sales of the Go in Japan have plummeted.

At launch the PSP Go sold less than 30k units during it’s first week in Japan. Now it averages slightly more than 1k a week. In comparison,the regular version of the original PSP sold 39k units in Japan this week pass alone. The PSP Go is being outsold by the PS2 in the land of the rising sun.

As you can see by the following graph, courtesy of Gamasutra, PSP Go sales are just as dismal in the United States when compared to the original PSP.

As you may have guessed, Sony’s not too happy with Go sales. The company may be considering a price cut or to discontinue the GO all together.

 “…So we’re going back and re-communicating, and I’m sitting here looking at multiple decks on what we’re going to do this year.” stated a publisher relations VP “You’ll see a lot of things coming out from us to better educate and inform the consumer. All I can say is watch this space, because we’ll have answers to those questions.”

 Can a price cut boosts sales of the Go like it did the PS3, or should Sony cut their losses where the Go is concerned and give it the axe?