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Leaked Mw2 Stimulus Map Pack

I don’t know how Infinity ward let this happen but it seems that there are very smart hackers out there or someone from the inside is helping them out. Anyways its a first look at the new maps and remakes from Call of duty: 4. Also I found some rumors and facts I’ll let you decide which ones are real or not cause i have no clue.


Stimulus MapPack
($15.00 or 1200 MS Points)

Release Date:  ( March 30 for 360 – Unknown for ps3)

Flashback Pack
– Crash
– Overgrown
– Shipment

Stimulus pack
– Complex
– Compact
– Storm

Some Rumors and unconfirmed details below

Add-ons to MW2 when Stimulus Pack is Purchased:
– Set of 20 Challenges with unlockable Emblems and Titles
– 3 Perks (see below)
– 3 New Weapons
– 5 new Spec-ops missions (Foxtrot)
– several online modes will be added on release of map pack

additional add-on info:

Challenges – The challenges are undetermined (10 Titles, 10 Emblems)

Perks – 3 new Perks
Quickhands: Swap weapons faster Pro: ?
Overkill: Two Primary Weapons Pro: ?
Heterochromiac: Toggle Thermal Vision pro: ?

Weapons – 3 new weapons for Multiplayer (no new attachments)
Sub – Machine guns:
Sniper Rifles: Dragonuv
Weapon #3 – ?