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Expectations for the next iteration of Portable Gaming Devices

Nintendo gave a terse announcement that the next iteration of their portable hardware will have 3D screens. Obviously, we don’t generally cover Nintendo news here, but several points are very relevant to our general discussion:

  • Future dedicated gaming devices, like a future DS, PSP, etc, need to deliver experiences that you can’t get on a general purpose smart phone.
  • Distinct user input/output paradigms require custom hardware and justify a completely new “platform”. Hypothetically, if head-tracking 3D goggle motion games took off, you couldn’t just port those experiences to a general purpose smart phone, you really need a dedicated platform.
  • I would expect and hope that future gaming platforms, especially portables, really push this front, and deliver the head-tracking goggle experience I mentioned or something in that direction.
  • We’ve seen many new major evolutions in gaming technology occur in recent years such as online functionality, HD, 3D, smart phones, and motion control. It’s puzzling to me that the general online hivemind is sometimes enthusiastic and fanatically excited about these things and other times is resentful and bitter and feels like these developments are oppressive mandates from some evil technology overlords, and there doesn’t seem to be a logical cause behind these differing reactions.