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Hyperkin Text Link Remote

Text Link for PS3

I’m surprised no one mentioned anything about this. This actually seems to be a pretty awesome idea. Anyway, the remote, of course, connects to the system via a USB dongle (why can’t everything just be bluetooth? :P). As far as what it is, here’s a description from their website:

The PS3 Text Link Remote lets you easily control the playback of Blu-Ray movies, DVDs, CDs and media files on the PS3 system. The Text Link Remote features a slide out keypad that enables you to text other players on the Playstation Network, or use its dual analog sticks and buttons to play PS3 games. Simply attach the included USB receiver to an open port on the PS3 system and you can control your PS3 system with ease.

It comes with included NiMH battery that you can charge via a USB cable (which will be included). They keypad is full QWERTY, but the biggest thing is probably the dual analog sticks, that slide out with the keypad. They are situated between the D-Pad and the Face buttons. Apparently, this allows you to play PS3 games with it (which would feel a little weird), but I mention it because of the design of having the analog sticks and how that could be implemented into a PSP2 for instance. The MSRP is $39.99. Not sure who will be selling it, though.
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First 3rd Party Remote for PS3 with Sliding Keyboard

Rosemead, Calif., (March, 2010) – PS3 is much more than just a video game console, and Hyperkin’s new Text Link Remote allows you to access the full power of the platform. Designed with a sliding QWERTY keyboard, the PS3 Text Link Remote offers full access to the PlayStation Network by offering the ability to text other players, control movies and CD’s and play games using the built-in dual analog sticks and buttons.

The PS3 Text Link Remote is the first 3rd party remote for PS3 that combines full remote functionality with the convenience and “cool” of a sliding keyboard. The Text Link Remote allows the user to easily control Blue-Ray movies, DVD’s, CD’s and media files. The sliding keyboard offers the ability to text other players in the PlayStation Network and also includes dual analog sticks and buttons for playing PS3 video games.

“The Text Link Remote is the perfect tool for greater control of the PS3 platform,” stated Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Marketing Director. “It’s well designed, sleek, and comfortable and offers all the functionality of a remote control, texting device and game controller, all in one convenient unit.”

Product Highlights:
• Sliding QWERTY Keyboard Design
• 25ft Wide Angle 2.4GHz RF signal
• Full control of movies, DVD’s, CD’s, media files and games
• Dual analog sticks and buttons
• Rechargeable NiMH battery
• Includes USB charging cable
• SRP: 39.99