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Little Big Planet 2? With Move?

Wow…who would have thought. I personally refused to acknowledge the existance of this game due to Media Molecule stated that it will not happen due to alienating people who bought LBP1 but since the Sony acquisition, it seems plans have changed.

In an online only video, Folkert Langeveld of SCE basically confirmed LBP2 with Move.

Watch Video Here

In an earlier video appeared online, talk Folkert Langeveld of Sony Computer Entertainment Benelux Move on the PlayStation and the strategy that Sony uses for the motion controller as well as possible in the market to turn. He mentions some titles here that will be suitable for Move.

Most notable is the decision of the marketer that Little Big Planet 2 will support the Move. Sony has not been hurried on a sequel to the platform game from Media Molecule. The ruling appears to indicate that Langeveld Little Big Planet 2 already in development. Sony took earlier this year on development studio Media Molecule. They were responsible for the first part of Little Big Planet.

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