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Heavy Rain is Boring


I’ve never played Quantic Dreams’ previous titles such as Fahrenheit so I didn’t know entirely what to expect from Heavy Rain. I was hesitant to buy into all the hype that began surrounding Heavy Rain as it’s release approached. I only decided to buy the game after I played the demo via PSN.  The entire concept of  “How Far Would You Go..” sounded intriguing and the quick time system reminded me of Sega’s Shenmue.

You have four characters to play in Heavy Rain whose path’s intertwine in the game. Out of all the characters FBI Agent Norman Jayden was the only one who I found interesting enough to play and I enjoyed his role in the game. I think it was because of all of his ‘toys’ he gets to play with.  Everyone else, not so much. Don’t get me wrong though. It was thrilling driving down the wrong side of the highway as Ethan Mars and trying to avoid oncoming traffic by use of the quick time events.

As I said, I didn’t know what to expect from Heavy Rain before I played it. I knew the story would revolve around a murder mystery but I was anticipating more freedom, more things to do in the game like Shenmue had. There was also a story to follow in Shenmue but there were a lot of other things to do in the game as well. In Heavy Rain, you’re just told what to do, how to do it and move on to the next person. Rinse and repeat.

Heavy Rain is a pretty package and the multiple choices offered is ideal for replay value. For me, however, like the weather event it’s named after, I found nothing fun about Heavy Rain.

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