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Sony’s 3D Shutter Glasses and the PS3

So I had a chance to play some Wipeout HD in 3D after PAX last Friday and I have to say…I’m impressed!

I was not sold on 3D as it doesn’t add to the experience for me. In movies, games anything. Its just another way of viewing the image that is cumbersome to me since I already wear standard glasses.

After leaving PAX I come across a Sony Style store in the Prudential Center that is attached to the convention center where PAX was, the first one I’ve ever been to actually. I walk in and decide to look at the tv’s when I come across the 3D glasses sitting on a little desk next to a chair and a PS3 controller.

Interested after I see a power button the glasses I try them on and instantly I was sucked into playing Wipeout in 3D. At first, just like I assumed, another way of viewing the game, but the more and more I played, I found myself making adjustments differently. I was watching the physics of the game different from what I would in 2D. Whether it helped or not, that still remains to be seen but I did in fact play differently.

So as I play further in, I bump into a few walls talking to others watching also with 3D glasses on and I take some damage. This is where things got crazy for me. The entire screen lit up randomly in each eye like an alternating strobe light but it wasn’t so much bright as it was solid. I had a HARD time seeing the track and what I was doing as this was going on. It indeed added additional difficulty to the game.

In the end, I find myself giving 3D another chance…perhaps not $3500 for a new tv, $100+ for the glasses, but should the prices ever drop, I’ll most likely be one of the first people in line. There are a few more games I would love to see but as for now, it gets a thumbs up from me.