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Cross-game chatting In the Works Says Head Honcho PS Home Community Manager


PS Home Community Manager CydoniaX has revealed that several features are in development that a lot of PS3 owners have been clamoring for, particularly cross-game chat and voice messaging.

The reveal was given in a discussion thread in the PlayStation blog where one user gave the following comment:

When are we getting game launching abilities for every multiplayer game in the PS3 library? Why is it that the most basic of features for both the XMB and HOME get prioritized and delivered before all the extra stuff?

1) XMB – Voice Chat across games

2) XMB – Voice messaging(30 sec clip)

3) HOME – Game Launching for all games

CydoniaX replied:

All that stuff is still in development, game launching started with Warhawk and should be supported by all future game spaces now. It takes time, but we haven’t forgotten about all the stuff that our users really want!

Now don’t go all excited – Sony’s got a lot on their plate right now and we likely won’t see these features for some time yet., though I’m hoping I’m wrong on that point. At any rate, at least we know these features are in the works. Ah, I can imagine cross-game chatting now:

“I got fragged! Where were you? I needed backup!”
“Dude, I’m on LittleBigPlanet.”


  1. I will believe it when I see it. I have been hearing about this for 4ever now.

  2. anon

    Source your articles. I want to see exactly WHERE this came from. Its bad journalism to not source your article. Give us a URL.

    Edit – please watch your language here …

  3. I cannot believe you used this picture. I made this like one and half years ago, lol.

  4. Sinlock

    I’m sure the “anon” post will be removed/edited.

    But a quote by “CydoniaX” about anything to do with HOME is pretty much as offical as it gets.

  5. @anon i don’t know who you are honestly i don’t care who you are but if your such a good journalist why are you not posting come on hot shot. And you wanna calm down on the F bombs thanks bud. =)

    @No Kill Tayler i searched cross-gamechat on google and it came up sorry that i had no idea it was yours.

  6. jobu2600

    Home is the biggest waste of effort for Sony. Some asshat in marketing said ‘it would be great to have second life on the ps3. well second life plus a lot of marketing for new games.’
    the ps3 still lags behind xbox 360 in several key areas. the fact that they waste any resources behind this is a joke.
    over the past year or two we have seen firmware updates come out with a number of ridiculous new features: home and updated slideshows for pictures to name two.
    where are requested features like cross game chat or the ability to play your own music over the game.

  7. james

    Too little, too late Sony. Empty promises have destroyed your attempts to match x-box live, let alone surpass it.
    This coming from a dedicated PS3 fanboy.

  8. madcrabs

    No…No… This is very old news and it has been confirmed that CydoniaX misread the question. When she says that chat will make a comeback, she means chat within Home.

  9. CircleOfFire

    @jobu2600 Home is an application, it’s not some element of the firmware that stops them from putting in cross game chat because all the developers are working on it.

    I don’t think we’ll ever see the ability to play your own music in every game, as no doubt it wont work with most games released before now, the feature is in there for developers to use. As a result of that I don’t think they’re going to spend loads of time trying to come up with some mental solution and personally I’d prefer them to concentrate on other things rather than that.

    My sneaking suspicion is that there’s some technical difficulty with cross game chat which is stopping them from bringing it out in firmware, look how long its been since the last firmware update.

  10. madcrabs

    I was having trouble finding the exact link to the story, but here’s an “updated” story from PS3 attitude, all the way back in March 09.

  11. A7X777


  12. TheOne

    I just want A2DP for full audio output.

    This should have been included day one.

  13. LBDz

    I will believe it when I see it. Source your articles. I want to see exactly WHERE this came from.

    Too little, too late Sony. They have had so many ideas about their consoles and how they fair up against others in the market, but we have no way of CGC or Party Chat.

    It’s been said for a long time that CGC is coming. I don’t think it is now.

  14. Eddie

    James Thorpe stated this was being worked on in November 2009. Sony openly admits its being worked on/looked into for a while now.

  15. Yes, and it’ll probably be part of a premium paid service. I just hope Sony will also come out with a decent party and invite system to go along with it. Right now every game has a different way of inviting friends to join, which is retarded. And there’s no global party system. If you’ve ever used a 360, you know how great a unified party system with chat is. It’s the one thing I wish my PS3 had that the 360 has.

  16. jobu2600

    @CircleOfFire. I am aware that Home is an application. Sony has dedicated resources to this instead of other areas that need to be addressed. They need focus.

  17. No Kill Tayler: I cannot believe you used this picture. I made this like one and half years ago, lol.  

    I remember that post you did with the photo 🙂

  18. CircleOfFire

    @jobu2600 You can’t just keep adding developers to anything until it’s done, trust me, it doesn’t work like that.

  19. Royalty32

    What is taking so long. 360 been had it so whats the hold up Sony!!

  20. HAPPY NOW ! theres a source

  21. also i’m an idiot this is a old post sorry about this i read the date wrong very sorry..