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Multiplayer DLC for God of War III? Early April Fools?

A scan of a French Official Playstation Magazine has popped up over at the GameTrailer forums. The scan supposedly shows a multiplayer DLC for God of War III.

The scan shows a mini fighting game between two players. Anybody here who can read French and translate what the fuzzy image writes? Could this be an early April fools prank? If not, how do you guys feel about this? Will there be characters from the previous God of War titles? Will there be a “Toasty!” popping up whenever you hit an uppercut?


*UPDATE* – English Translation

Multiplayer for Kratos !
“The first DLC unveiled. If you’re already over with GOWIII, stay calm : some DLC will be available on the PSN really shortly. And some cool too, because it will be a Two Player mode ! Named “Duda Divinus (????)”, this new option will allow you to take control of Kratos, Hercule, Hermes (??) or Zeus, combatting in the Street Fighter IV style. Bare hands combat, Special Powers, Super Attacks, nothing should be missing from this already interesting game mode. For now, the DLC price has not been unveiled, and some are already whispering it could even be free. Sounds perfect, huh !”

Credit goes to Ceidz for the translation. Thank you