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PSP2 Coming or Not?

There are a few pieces of evidence that the PSP2 may be in the works and even coming this E3. I’ll post them below.

First, a couple online Resumes on “linkedin” have listed PSP2 as one of the consoles they are capable of working on. One from a game developer and another from a casting assistance.

Now this could be an error and they could actually be referring to the PSP Go. Why they would differentiate that from the normal PSP, I do not know.

You can view them here and here

Next, during a podcast of 4 guys 1 Up, Shane let slip this statement…

“I think the big story of E3 is DS 2 and PSP 2. I’m really excited to see that,” he further commented that the”DS and PSP both existed in completely different sides […] if those two put out similar products at the same time, it really evens the playing field.”

With that said, there haven’t been any leaks which is odd for a Sony product. I hope to see a battle of the handlhelds and motion at E3 though.

Via playstationlifestyle