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When Will The Fighting Genre Evolve?


The formula that defines a fighting game hasn’t changed in over 25 years.  While graphics and physics have made a drastic improvement, players are still limited to the same linear arenas.  Two people pick a character and fight on a 2D plane in a 50 foot circle until a victor is decided. That’s it.

As other genres become more realistic, the fighting genre has stood still. In reality if two people go into a street fight the brawl would move well beyond the initial starting point. Fighters can use a number of things found in the surrounding environment to shift the fight into their favor. For example, picking up sand and throwing it into the opponent’s eye.

There was a fighting game in production by EA Chicago and Marvel that could have pushed the genre to new levels. The game was going to feature fights that could span 2 blocks with destructible environments.

Sadly the Marvel Fighter game never came to be. Imagine playing your favorite Tekken, Soul Caliber, Street Fighter characters in that kind of environment. Not just limited to a city though, but a snow stage, a desert, a forest…the possibilities are endless.

 Naruto: Rise of a Ninja, Naruto: Broken Bond and DBZ Tenkaichi  are only a few games that have move beyond the usual standard for fighters. Unfortunately, I don’t think many major developers will be willing to make serious changes to the genre.