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Please Welcome Sakinah To The Team | Gamer Girl

I invited Sakinah (fleakitten) to officially become part of the team and she accepted. Henning started a fun tradition of getting a caricature done for the co-writers and I want to continue it.

Sakinah started posting news for in May of 2009 and she started commenting back in September 2006. I’ve always enjoyed reading her posts, looking forward to more in the future. Here is her bio. It’s also listed on the about page.

Welcome aboard Sakinah!

Hi all! I’m Sakinah.

I’m a proud Playstation fangirl since I got a PS1 all those years ago. I’ve been following since the announcement of the PS3. My hobbies are drawing webcomics, playing video games, and blogging. I live in the state of Alabama with the rest of my family where we had 3″ of snow this past February!

My favorite gaming genres are 3D Fighters, RPGs, Action/Adventure, Platformers, and Rhythm. When I say rhythm I only mean RockBand. I like some anime/manga, but I hate the Naruto series.