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MGS Peace Walker Crosses Paths With Monster Hunter


Konami and Capcom made a surprise announcement in Japan today. The two companies revealed that Konami’s MGS Peace Walker for the PSP will feature bosses found in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G (Freedom Unite overseas).

Peace Walker will include a special “Monster Island” area where Snake will have to hunt some well known Monster Hunter beasts. These hunts will support the four player co-op mode found in Peace Walker as well.

Konami also revealed a long list of product placement to be found in MGS:PW. This list includes:

Fritos Japan-Doritos will appear in the game as a recovery item.

Magazines-Peace Walker will have tie-ups with a variety of magazines, including Famitsu, Dengeki PlayStation, Dengeki Games, and Shounen Magazine. It’s unclear what role these will have in the game, but other multiplayer PSP games have featured quest collaborations with various publications.

Unilever Japan-“AXE” deodorant will appear in the game as a recovery item.

Sony-You’ll be able to listen to background music using an in-game Walkman. The game will feature a variety of Walkman models, from back in the 70s to modern times.

And to top it all off, Square Enix’s  Shinji Hashimoto announced the company’s plans to release a set of Peace Walker figures, covering the game’s main characters as well as the assorted AI weapons that appear within the game.

MGS: Peace Walker is set to release this month in Japan. A NA and EU release is scheduled for June.