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No Fuss Reviews Surveys 500,000 on Console Failure Rate

So, apparently, No Fuss Reviews had surveyed 500,000 people (via visitors being randomly surveyed that come from search engines; they also used measures to reduce duplicate submissions) on whether their consoles had failed and how many times they needed to get repaired or replaced. Well, here are the results of the survey:

42% of 360s?! I know, personally, I’m on my third one. PS3 being at 8% isn’t too bad, though. Wii’s is very low, but is that because it’s really well built or people just don’t play it enough? 😛 Anyway, they had follow-up questions as well, concerning how many times they needed to be repaired/replaced. Those numbers can be seen after the jump. They kind of make you wonder how many 360 sales are due to multiple purchases because of faults as well.

  • More than once:
    • 360: 55%
    • PS3: 12%
    • Wii: 0%
  • More than two times:
    • 360: 39%
    • PS3: 8%
  • More than three times:
    • 360: 12%
    • PS3: 2%
  • More than 4 times:
    • 360: 6%
    • PS3: 1%
  • More than 5 times:
    • 360: 3%
    • PS3: 1%