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Demon’s Souls FINALLY Coming To Europe!

IGN is reporting that Namco Bandai will publish the highly acclaimed Demon’s Souls in Europe. There’s no mention of official dates or pricing but Namco Bandai are expected to make an announcement on the 16th April:

Demon’s Souls looks to finally be making its way to Europe, courtesy of Namco Bandai who are likely to be publishing From Software’s astounding PlayStation 3 exclusive later this year.

Originally released by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan last February, Atlus picked up Demon’s Souls for an October release in October last year, with Namco Bandai set to become the third publisher when it launches in Europe.

A uniquely punishing role-playing game, Demon’s Souls is widely regarded as one of 2009’s finest games, and its mix of classic dungeon crawler traits with innovative online features and structure have won it countless fans. Our in-depth review will help flesh out the details.

There’s no word on a release date just yet, though Namco Bandai is set to make an official statement tomorrow.

Fantastic news if you’re not into importing games such as myself. I just hope it gets an Australia release which it should as Australia is a PAL territory…


Demon Souls coming to Europe