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Three Games That Didn’t Break The Top 20 in March

 March was a big month for PS3 software. A total of 7 PS3 titles made it to the top 20 list in the month with sales ranging from 1m to 100k. However there were 3 other titles released for the PS3 during the month of March that didn’t perform as well.

Remember Yakuza 3, Resonance of Fate and Just Cause 2? Neither of these games managed to meet or pass the 100k needed  to break the top 20.  After finally deciding to localise Yakuza 3, Sega shoots themselves in the foot by releasing the title in the same month as GOW III and FFXIII. Unfortunately Sega’s other project, Resonance of Fate, suffered the same fate as Yakuza 3.  Neither title received any advertising as they were lost in the shadow of other juggernauts released in March.

Unlike Yakuza 3 and RoF, Square Enix’s Just Cause 2 did receive a bit more advertising attention. A demo of the game was released on PSN and Live. Just Cause 2 and Resonance of Fate were both multi platform titles but neither could manage 100k sells.

I doubt Square Enix is bothered by Just Cause 2’s initial sales since Final Fantasy XIII performed as expected. Sega on the other hand. Why they chose such a cluttered month to release 2 of their biggest games is beyond me.