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Lead Scientists Blow the Lid Off Of Brain-Training Games

Adrian Own, assistant director and senior researcher at the Cognition and Brain Sciences unit at Britain’s Medical Research Council, published a new study. From his website:

“The results of our brain training study involving 11,000 people will be published in Nature today. The study, conducted in collaboration with the BBC, showed that practice on brain training games doesn’t transfer to other mental skills. In short, brain training does not make you smarter.”

Wow. I guess Sudoku wasn’t the culmination of intellectual achievement that everyone had presumed?

I’m not a leading neuroscience PhD researcher at a leading research institution like that guy, nor can I get my research published in Nature, but I’ve uncovered a few shockers myself:

You know those fancy bottled beverages at the gas station that claim to improve memory, intelligence, stamina, strength, zen, etc? Nope, it’s just colored sugar water.

How about those fitness video games such as Wii Fit that help you lose weight and get in shape? Guess what? Squats, deadlifts, pull ups, swimming laps, distance running, bicycling, or team sports actually work a heck of a lot better.