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[Update]PS3 Firmware 3.30 Stealth Updates [Flash, PC Remote Play, Blu-ray]


I’ve gotten one report that the update does NOT fix the issue with the UK Version of BBC Life.

Most exciting thing for me is that they fixed issues with some region-free Blu-ray disks. For example BBC’s Life! Can somebody with this Blu-ray test this out and get back to us?

It appears there’s a new BD Audio Output setting under Video Settings: [(Direct)] and [Bitstream (Mix)] have been added for optical output. More info here, thanks TTP.

They added an option for PC remote play, but you can only use future models of the Sony VAIO PC’s that are coming in May 2010. Hopefully they expand support to all computers, kinda lame they limit it to only Sony computers. Sony also updated the Flash used in the PS3’s Web Browser. Not sure what version it updated to though. Apparently YouTube works better now. For the rest of the Firmware 3.30 features check out our other post.

PS3 Firmware 3.30’s Hidden Features

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