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Driver: San Francisco to be Announced Soon?

I had actually posted this up in the Live Chat, but Ubisoft has registered two domains recently discovered on Whois. One title is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and the other is Driver: San Francisco. For those of us who have been gaming since the original PlayStation and the very first Driver, at the time, was one of the most fun games out there, with Hollywood-style car chases and the like, which was the biggest draw. It was pure fun (though, not the best thing to look at, of course, but back then, who really cared?). It was one of my personal favorites on the platform.

Anyway, after that, the Driver series was trying too hard to be like GTA (especially the third one on) and a lot of it’s draw was lost in translation. Driv3r, the first title on XBox/PS2, was the least favorite, but, in my opinion, the Director Mode more than made up for it. As to why Parallel Lines didn’t use it, I don’t know because I enjoyed making my own replay videos and downloading others (you could adjust camera speed, angle, location, etc; quite a bit of freedom and because of that, you could make an awesome chase sequence). I still remember one I did with a semi and trailer, and jackknifed the trailer, and as it swung around it hit a bench a pedestrian was sitting on and shattered it, but the person just stayed sitting there like it was still intact :P. Normally, pedestrians would run out of the way. If it wasn’t for the Director Mode, I probably wouldn’t have caught it and shared it with other users for a laugh. Parallel Lines was decent, though.

But now we have some semi-confirmation of Driver: San Francisco. Though it was one of the locations on the first Driver (these games have always done a great job of having huge driving areas), bringing the series to the current generation and going back to what made the series fun in the first place (more driving please) could bring the series back into the spotlight. I always have hopes for the series, and I haven’t been totally disappointed (thanks to the Director Mode on D3, I spent countless hours playing that game and recording different chases to upload online).

My biggest hope for this title in particular would be to have it take place in either the late ’60s or early ’70s, with Director Mode. I would LOVE to see chases like this (and giving the game YouTube uploads would be awesome as well):

By the way, that’s from Bullitt, a 1968 crime thriller. And even to this day, chase scenes can’t match up to the likes of this, the original Gone in 60 Seconds, Vanishing Point, etc. which were all an inspiration to the Driver series to begin with. This was the scene that immediately came to my mind when I heard about this.