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Sony Being Sued for Linux Removal

So it looks like the first lawsuit has raised its head about the Linux removal. While I understand peoples heart felt feelings about its removal, I can not comprehend those who would prefer to have Linux and suck money from Sony through lawsuits instead of having them use that same money towards more game development and R&D.

I’m sure this suit will go no where, but its still interesting how far people tend to get away from gaming.

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Sony Computer Entertainment America for the removal of the ‘Other OS’ feature from the PlayStation 3.

In March, Sony released firmware v3.21 that disabled the feature, disallowing users install the Linux operating system. The update was not mandatory; however those who chose not to download it were cut off from a number of other features, one of which included signing in to PlayStation Network.

The suit, filed on April 27 by Anthony Ventura of California, seeks to redress Sony for the “intentional disablement of the valuable functionality originally advertised as available” for the Playstation 3. The disabling of Linux support is not only in breach of the sales contract between Sony and its customers, the suit says, but also a deceptive business practice “perpetrated on millions of unsuspecting customers.”