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Groups now have their own Forum!

Pretty cool eh? There is even a easy way to filter out the forum topics from the home page of a group or even the main activity page. Two new options for filtering activity are:

  • Show New Forum Topics
  • Show Forum Replies

Group Admins and I would assume moderators can sticky topics, close topics and delete topics. So it might be useful to sticky a topic that has revelent info about group. But use it as you see fit.

If you didn’t catch the post on how to “mention” somebody in the community check it out this post. Same deal applies for group forums in the community. It doesn’t work in our regular forum though.

A group admin will have to enable the discussion forum for the group. Here is how you enable it. So if your favorite group doesn’t have a forum, ask the group admin to enable it.

  • Go to your Group
  • Click on Admin
  • Click on Group Settings
  • Check the box “Enable discussion forum” and press “Save Changes”

I know what you have been thinking. Can I earn points in group forum? Of course you can 😉

  • 25 Points Creating a New Group Forum Topic
  • 5 Points New Group Forum Post

Hopefully this makes the group a little easier to manage.