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Sony Announces Fiscal Year 2009 Annual Results

Sony has continued to sell with a large operating cost that is essentially keeping them in the hole, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. As of late 2009, Sony finally started to hit the positive with hardware sales on the PS3 making 2010 a potential better year especially if they hit their forecast of 15 million PS3’s for the year.

There is some interesting info broken down from all of these numbers

-360 vs PS3 gap is down to just 4.5 million units.

-If PS3 hits their forecast next year and 360 remains relatively stable, PS3 will surpass 360 LTD numbers next year.

-Of the 13 million sold in 09, 9.6 million of them sold in 6 months. Shortages prevented higher sales.

-PS3 software attach rate is now 8.1 vs 360’s 8.8

-PSP essentially fell off the map

-PS2 sold 146 million units LTD

-PS3 sold more software then the 360 in 2009

Sony Corporation (Millions of U.S. dollars)
-FY 2009:Sales and Operating Revenue $77,570
-FY 2009:Operating Income $342
-FY 2009:Net Income (loss) $(439)
Networked Products & Services (GAME) (Millions of U.S. dollars)
-FY 2009: Operating Income (loss) $(893)

Sony:FY 2009 Earnings Announcement

FY10:Forecast (21)