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Loads of New Black Ops Details From OXM

The Official Xbox Magazine was recently released, with a huge feature on Call of Duty: Black Ops. To check out the details hit the tabs.
[tab:General Info]

OXM reckons, unsurprisingly, that this will be ‘one of this year’s very biggest, and best’ games

  • The graphics, as we saw in the teaser trailer, are amazing – in particular buildings are demolished brilliantly and include ‘dynamic shadows’ that build tension
  • ‘Black Ops has a different, grubbier vibe to MW2′
  • Treyarch is approaching the game as ‘3 games in one’ – single player, co-op, and multiplayer
  • There’s ‘dedicated co-op’, suggesting a departure from WaW – Treyarch ‘changed the subject’ when asked about zombies 🙂
  • Treyarch has taken ‘creative risks’
  • There are more than 200 people working on Black Ops
  • The difference between World at War and Black Ops is similar to the difference between CoD2 and CoD4
  • [tab:Campaign]
  • You’re a member of SOG (Studies and Operations Group) working in deniable ops during the Cold War – we knew that.
  • There’s fighting in ‘Vietnam, the frosty Russian mountains, the Laotian undergrounds and everything in between’
  • Naturally, you’ll be fighting the North Vietnamese Army
  • In ‘WMD’, the mission USA Today played, you are, indeed, controlling the SR-71, and you issue orders to soldiers down below
  • In ‘Victor Charlie’, you start off in a crashed helicopter in the Huong River, and make your way upstream; swimming, with only a knife
  • In ‘Payback’, you’re in a fully-controllable helicopter – you drive it and shoot it
  • [tab:Gameplay]
  • ‘Stealth plays a big part’
  • Rappelling: you’ll be able to feel ‘each crash back into the cliff side with a bone-jarring thud’
  • You can call in air support to decimate NVA buildings
  • Your player has a voice, unlike other CoD games
  • [tab:Weapons]
  • The crossbow was confirmed
  • As was the ‘dragon-breath’ flame-throwing rounds for the SPAS-12
  • The M202 ‘Grim Reaper’ rocket launcher was name-dropped
  • And, (thanks to WePlayCoD), the guy in the full-page picture is holding a MAC-10
  • Vehicles return, ‘but not the way you remembered them from WaW’
  • [tab:Multiplayer]
  • Multiplayer began development early on, such that some single player levels are based on multiplayer maps
  • A beta is ‘being considered’ (though, since it’s in a 360 magazine, it may be 360-exclusive)
  • We’ve heard it before, but Treyarch will be improving multiplayer from suggestions, and acknowledged the under-the-map glitches that plagued WaW’s launch
  • Matchmaking for consoles has been improved (although as we learned earlier, PCs will almost certainly get dedicated servers)
  • Create a Class 2.0 – improved character customization includes kit and appearance items!
  • [tab:Pictures]


    So, overall, a few bits we knew before, a few we kinda guessed, and a few genuinely exciting prospects. I’ve always liked the stealth missions, so I’m hoping stealth really does play a ‘big part’ like they say. Customization for Create A Class sounds great, as does a fully controllable helicopter. I honestly can’t wait.

    New video release with a few seconds of new footage, the world premiere should be interesting.