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MUBI Coming To PS3

With Cannes Film Festival under way Sony has announced a partnership with Mubi (no not the town in Nigeria) but a movie streaming service that caters for movie viewers with more alternative tastes. Specialising in international cinema, classic and independent film MUBI will offer PS3 owners an extensive movie library to go alongside the official PS Video Store. hit the jump for a trailer, more pics and full press release.

Discover, watch and share a new world of film masterpieces with MUBI, the new PlayStation 3 service that turns your TV into an on-demand international cinema

Cannes, 18th May 2010: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced a partnership with leading online film library MUBI, to bring to PlayStation 3 a new service that will break open the world of independent, international and classic cinema, and introduce PS3 owners to movies outside the mainstream. MUBI will be a free, downloadable application that gives PS3 owners the key to the ever-expanding film library of MUBI – an incredible online ıcinematequeı for movie lovers, packed to the rafters with acclaimed independent, foreign and classic films to stream on demand.

This autumn, PS3 users will have access to a treasure trove of celluloid curated by experts – so that even non-experts can enjoy what might otherwise take a lifetime to discover. MUBI will offer more than 300 films at launch from directors from Audiard to Zeferelli; and theyıre all going to be available to stream directly to your PS3. Youıll get to discover movies you never dreamed about, watch your choice of films whenever you like, and talk about the ones you love with your friends.

So it’s like a social network but for films with a pay-per-video weekly rentals or an all-you-can-watch subscription service.

Jem Alexander of Sony did note that;

UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Iberia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux, Nordic countries, Australia and New Zealand. More territories will be announced at a later date.

So, sorry Americans but it looks like you’ll be missing out on this too! At least it won’t be part of this premium subscription… More details can be found on the official blog