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PS Video Store Gets Heartless

Heartless is to be the first ever film to get a simultaneous release in cinemas and on the the PS Video Store. Heartless, a new new film starring Noel Clarke and directed by Philip Ridley, will be available for download on the 21st May (or in the cinemas in the UK).

Cinema and Video on Demand share release date for the premiere of Heartless

Heartless, the new film by director Philip Ridley is to premiere on PlayStation®Network Video Delivery Service simultaneously with the film’s release in cinemas. From 21st May, members of the Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEE) PlayStation®Network Video Delivery Service will be able to rent an Exclusive Edition of Heartless, direct to their PlayStation 3 or PSP from only £5.99. The exclusive edition includes Dynamite Sky a 25 minute bonus feature covering the Making of Heartless.
Jim Sturgess and Noel Clarke lead a talented ensemble cast in the dark psychological horror Heartless, written and directed by British auteur Philip Ridley (The Reflecting Skin, The Passion of Darkly Noon.)
The story follows Jamie, a troubled young man with a birthmark on his face, which has left him feeling isolated and fearful, hiding from the world outside. He lives in the East End of London, an area notorious for its violent hooded gangs. According to news reports, the gangs are now wearing demon masks. But, one night, Jamie discovers the terrifying truth: the gangs are not wearing masks. They are real demons. And when Jamie’s mother is killed by them in a brutal attack, he realizes he can no longer hide away.
Please go to to download the film and for more information about the PlayStation®Network Video Delivery Service.

It’s an interesting to see a film get a simultaneous release with cinema on the video store, it’s not something I saw coming but I can’t imagine bigger releases getting the same treatment in the future. This still marks a positive week for PS3 and film though after yesterdays news of Mubi coming to PS3.